We Specialize in the Over 50 Job Seekers!

We Specialize in Resumes for the Over 50 Job Seeker or Seasoned Executive!

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer and corporate employee for more than 25 years, I can empathize with the job seeker who is over 50. This is the reason I specialize in assisting job seekers in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond … I’ve been there! Clients in their mid-60s and early 70s still want to work, have a lot to offer and have been hired with a resume created by The Creative Edge.

Your 50’s, 60’s and beyond are still top-earning years. People confide in me and say, “I’m too young to stop working.” “How can I find a job, I’m almost 60?” In this age group, people are experienced and have so much to offer! These are the “Boomers” appreciated for their solid work ethic, who are always willing to learn, and want to remain valuable contributors to the work force.

The Creative Edge puts the over 50 job seeker and executive at ease. With comfortable conversation, I take time to listen to your story. I take time to craft your document. I take time even after the job is done to send emails, newsletters and notes of encouragement, just to “keep in touch.” In this age of “impersonal,” The Creative Edge is a uniquely “personal” business which makes us so successful!

The Creative Edge highlights what an over 50 jobseeker has to offer that a younger worker may only aspire to. We compose a dynamic résumé or LinkedIn Profile that shows you’re experienced, relevant, willing to learn, are technically savvy and up to the challenge of competing in today’s tough job market. We will create a compelling Resume or LinkedIn Profile that highlights:

  • Your technical expertise
  • Your breadth of executive leadership and decision-making skills.
  • Your unbeatable, solid work ethic!
  • Your forward-thinking, energetic, positive attitude that shows you’re open to new possibilities and always willing to learn.

How does The Creative Edge accomplish this?14022675_S

  • By trimming back your work history to the past 15-20 years.
  • By adding your education but leaving off dates that are not necessary now.
  • By highlighting leadership, decision-making skills and loyalty.
  • By showcasing a wide-breadth of expertise, accomplishments and commitment to meeting goals.
  • By making sure your email address is current.
  • By listing relevant continuing classes and certifications.

It’s safe to say you’ve been working 20-25 years. What have potential employers said about you? You have the perfect opportunity at this stage in your career, to showcase your enthusiastic endorsements on a resume, LinkedIn Profile or professional bio that a younger worker may not even have yet!

And most importantly … Accomplishments! Accomplishments! Accomplishments!

Need to figure out what your accomplishments are? Ask yourself:

  • What have I done in the past that I’ve been complimented on?
  • Have I saved money, increased the bottom-line or implemented a new procedure?
  • Have I earned awards or new certifications?
  • Do I have complimentary emails, reference letters or job evaluations that can be used in an endorsement section?”

You get the idea! These questions will lead you directly to an effective accomplishments or endorsements section that can be easily added to your Resume, LinkedIn Profile or Professional Biography. A detailed questionnaire provided by The Creative Edge will help you “dig deep” and uncover your hidden accomplishments and talents.

This is the second-half of your career … what would you like to do? Start a new venture? Become a mentor? Work part-time? Work from home? Volunteer? Work with pets or children?

                                                                      “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?”


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