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When you call on The Creative Edge and ask me to be your résumé writer, I will take the time to listen to your story, provide you with insight on how your résumé should be constructed, and then go about putting together a résumé that will wow all of those human resource managers out there who receive it. I genuinely enjoy making people feel good about themselves, and in my professional field, I get the chance to do it by speaking with my clients and finding out more about them before putting their résumés together. I don’t just type up a basic résumé based on your accomplishments and skills. I use my experience as a certified résumé writer to highlight your best attributes and compose a “work story” that is totally unique to you. My writing services will help set you apart from a sea of applicants.

There are many other reasons to work with The Creative Edge as well. While I specialize in working with C-Suite and mid-level executives in addition to “over 50 job seekers,” I feel as though my résumé writing services could benefit just about anyone. I don’t subcontract any of the work I do, so you will always be working directly with me as your lead writer. I stay current on professional development trends and can point out certain things you should highlight on your résumé. Outside of serving as your certified résumé writer, I can also lend an ear and be your support system as you strive to seek employment, and I do my best to value everyone’s time by being responsive as far as communication is concerned and delivering a finished résumé as quickly as possible. I also seek as much input as I can from clients. I would love to hear any concerns you might have about your résumé since you will ultimately be the one using it to land a job.

The investment you make in your résumé will be well worth it in the end, especially when you work directly with a certified résumé writer at The Creative Edge. I will work to give you an edge when you call on me for my writing services, and I will use my extensive training and employment research to help you in your line of work. I have worked with those all over the country and hope you will consider contacting me to assist with your professional writing.

First impressions matter and your resume is the foot in the door you need toward landing your dream job. For more information about the résumé writing services offered by The Creative Edge, call me at 732-610-8946 for an initial 20-minute consultation today!