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Can your LinkedIn Profile use a little sprucing up?

Your LinkedIn Profile is not a duplication of your résumé. It’s strategic writing summarizing your professional background, special skills and unique personality! Space is limited – every character counts!

Follow this checklist and ask yourself the following questions about your LinkedIn Profile:

  • Is the headline creative? Does it make a great first impression?
  • Is the photo and background professional?
  • Does the summary capture the reader’s attention quickly?
  • Does your experience highlight your accomplishments?
  • Are bullets used to show creativity?
  • Are professional keywords sprinkled in?
  • Are your skills current?
  • Do you have recommendations?
  • Have you completed any special projects?
  • Are relevant honors, awards, languages, courses, patents or publications mentioned?
  • Do you have any relevant volunteer experience?
  • Do you have a website, phone number or email address to share?
  • Is it written in first person highlighting your unique personality?
  • Is it interesting? Does it capture the reader’s attention or put them to sleep?
  • Last but not least  are there any spelling or grammatical errors?

In this competitive job market, hiring managers expect successful candidates to have a well-written LinkedIn Profile.

Utilizing my proprietary format, your LinkedIn Profile will be submitted to you as a Word document.

All you have to do is copy and paste it into your Profile.

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